The Swimsuit Trouble Shoot Guide

Every year we’re inundated with phone calls, emails & messages from amazing women around the world, confessing their body woes & swimsuit fears, “my baby belly just won’t go away!” “I have big boobs and no bottom” I've caught myself a many a time coming into swimsuit season, wondering if it’s socially acceptable to wear tracksuit pants into the surf.

The concept of shopping for a new swimsuit can be as daunting as it is disheartening. No matter how amazing I looked in my jeans and boots during the winter months, trying on a swimsuit suddenly reawakened all the insecurities I’d kept in hibernation under my nicely knitted layers.

If you’ve felt the same, you might also be searching for a swimsuit solution that doesn’t involve crash dieting on guilt & misery or wearing a diving suit circa 1715. You could wear your yoga pants to the beach or you could become a hermit and avoid all forms of social interaction that involve showing skin above the ankle. If you’re anything like us you’ve tried at least one of these before and found it about as rewarding as the lemon detox.

So here are few tips from us…we hope they help!


Sirens for Larger Busts.

If you’ve been bosomly-blessed you may find swimsuit shopping a curse. String bikinis are not kind, and you’d really like to spend this summer having fun, not trying to hold off a peep show in the surf or dosed up on pain killers due to the headaches & shoulder pains induced by poorly fitted swimsuit straps. With the right swimsuit, your bust should be supported in multiple areas, like wide straps, a well-constructed bust and a sturdy lining, a higher rise back is also a plus for bust support too. No one feature should carry the whole load of your bust or you’re likely to end up achy & uncomfortable.

Here are a couple of our top suggestions:

LizzieMonica & Eloise


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Sirens for Smaller Busts

Ever play dress ups as a child and end up stuffing the top with socks or tissues? You were either being silly or dreaming about the day you hit ‘grown up’ status and your voluptuous womanly curves would set in. Well if you’re like me and playing in the small bust category you’re still dreaming about that day!

If you’re not so generously endowed it can be hard to find something that doesn’t leave you feeling like a little girl playing dress. The great news is, there is a lot of room for you to play with detailing here. Bold prints can create a lot of interest up top & you can also play with fun features like ruffles, frills and ruching. A halter style can also give you a little extra ‘oomph’.

Here are couple of our top suggestions

GraceMelody & Cate


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Sirens for Tummies & 'Muffin Tops'

Tummy, post baby belly, middle age spread…call it whatever you like but the truth is, we pretty much all have one (or a little more of one then we’d like!) and it’s totally ok. Whoever said nothing tastes as good as skinny feels clearly never had a salted caramel cupcake, or pizza…or wine! Ok I’m pretty sure whoever said that has either eaten at very subpar restaurants or has never actually eaten at all!

So when swimsuit hunting, look for something with ruching or even ruffles through the tummy. Lower leg lines in swimsuits are also perfect as they’ll elongate your torso. Don’t waste any more money on a fad diet that’s going to make you miserable because it promises to give you the abdomen of an infomercial model. Just find a swimsuit you love and eat that caramel cupcake (if you don’t we will!)

Here are couple of our top suggestions

GraceLizzie & Monica


If you like a two piece: Eloise, Holly.


Sirens for Bottoms, hips & thighs

If you’re on the ‘bootylicious’ side of things or you’re a member of thick thigh club we hear you! If you’re self-conscious about these things you might find it easiest to reach for the biggest baggiest pair of board shorts you can find. But hold that though because we’d definitely advise against it, covering up can often be unflattering and hazardous (I once found a pair of board shorts that extended almost to my calves and I thought I was set - I ended up spending most of the season just trying not to drown under the weight of them!)

All you really need to do is opt for something with a flattering lower leg line, this will keep your booty firmly tucked in, and smooth the line from the hips to your thighs.

If you want something that has a little more coverage down the bottom, avoid anything with a thick band or cuffs that might dig in. Board shorts that sat on the widest part of your hips aren’t a great go to. if you really do love shorts try and get your hands on something that has more of a ‘tailored’ look then baggy. Alternatively opt for a flattering swim skirt, dress or cover up that still flatters your figure.

Here are couple of our top suggestions

MarilynJudy & Lena Swimskirt


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Sirens for Straight figures.

Boyish, Athletic, Column Shaped – I’m sure you’ve heard a thousand euphemisms for you figure, now if only a couple of those euphemisms came with good swimsuit suggestions! A curve-less figure can sometimes feel like a bit of a puzzle when it comes to swimsuits and it’s easy to be disheartened by an awkwardly fitting swimsuit.

The great news is, if you’re looking to add a few more curves, you can actually have a lot of fun playing with details and dimension. Bold prints & shirring can make a straight body seem more curvaceous, while padding and frills will give you a little more oomph as well as a little bit of fun to your summer ensemble.


Here are couple of our top suggestions

LizzieJudy, &  Eloise


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Sirens for the Fair Skinned & Sun Smart

From my cooking skills to my skin…burning seems to be a rather pervasive in my day to day life. The life cycle of your summer skin starts at wintery fair, then turns a violent and painful red after 5 minutes of sunlight, this is normally followed by snake-like shedding of sun damaged skin, freckling & the inevitable return to wintery fair – all in the space of about 9 days. Peeling & Freckles are also not the worst things a little sunburn can cause, so regardless of what swimsuit you’re wearing – make sure you’re looking out for the skin your in.

Opt for wide brim hats, a good pair of sunglasses and don’t skimp on the sunscreen.

If you you’d like a little extra coverage in your swimsuit then we’ve got a few suggestions for you there too.

Here are couple of our top suggestions

Katherine SwimshirtCate Tankini &  Nicola Sun Hat



Still want more advice on choosing a swimsuit? Feel free to give us a call 1300 306 977 x S.