The Body Shape Guide

Strawberries, Apples & Pears...Oh My!

If scrolling the swimwear pages has you a little overwhelmed and unsure where to start, then feel free to take a breath (pour yourself a wine!) and check out our Fruity Body Shape buying guide.

Everybody is different and there are certainly more than 5 body shapes! Remember Trinny & Susannah, those style mavens reported 12! But too keep it simple we’ve narrowed it down to the 5 most common!

At the end of the day this is just a guide. If you see something you love and you want to give it a try…go for it! The key is to know yourself–what do you love about your body? Now be kind! Do you love your legs? Do you go for clothing that shows off your waist? Well it’s quite simple; what you love – you flaunt! 




aka Triangle

Bottom heavy with fuller hips, bottom or thighs (or any combination thereof!) join the club sister! You’re in company, this is the most popular body shape with more than half of the female population boasting ‘pear’ status. 

Along with curvy lower halves the ‘Sisterhood of the Pear’ generally sport slimmer upper torso, defined waists & smaller busts.

The key to finding the ideal Sirens Swimsuit for a Pear isn’t to cover up your lower half, but to draw the attention up and balance out your bust and your hips.

Go for:

Halters style tops are perfect for pears! The give the bust a little extra oomph and broaden shoulders. Prints, Frills and Ruffles up top are also incredibly flattering. Sweetheart necklines or pad cups wills also create more curves up top. A lower cut leg line will also keep your bottom tucked in and smooth the line from your hips to your thighs.

Top Picks for Pears:

LizzieGrace, & Melody


Famous Pears:  Kate Winslet, Beyonce


Pears might be the most popular body type, but Apples are a very close runner up. Apples are generally fuller through the middle very little waist definition, narrow hips & a fuller buster. Apples also tend to have slimmer legs and thighs then their fruity counterparts. Finding your ideal Sirens Swimsuit is about creating a little definition in the waist & flattering tummy.

Go for:

Ruching is perfect for apples as it will flatter the mid-section. One pieces are also excellent as they’ll elongate your torso as will a lower leg line. Don’t be afraid to play with ruffles and frills too, these can be perfect for adding a little playful detail while disguising the tummy.

Top Picks for Apples:

Monica, Grace & Lizzie


Famous Apples:  Drew Barrymore, Rebel Wilson & Adele


aka Inverted Triangle

It actually has a rather romantic ring to it doesn’t it? I’m a Strawberry…darling! Strawberries tend to have a fuller bust and wider shoulders combined with a slender waist and narrow hips. The key to finding your ideal swimsuit is bust support and accentuating your slender hips!

Go for:

Wide straps are going to offer your bust added support but there also no need to shy away from a halter. You can also opt for boy legs, lower leg lines & frills and ruching across the bottom. The scret here is if your butt/hips look bigger in this – it’s a go for you!

Top Picks for strawberries:

Judy, Tiffany & Lizzie


Famous Strawberries:

Esther Williams, Bette Middler, Gwendoline Christie


So…we clearly couldn’t come up with a fruity term for an hourglass! The hourglass was the most sort after figure of the golden era, so you’re in good company with the likes of Marilyn Monroe & Elizabeth Taylor lighting the way. Curves abound and an hourglass is characterized by a fuller bust and smaller waist, with hips & shoulder measuring about the same. There are some great Sirens Swimsuit options for you!

Go for:

Sweetheart necklines and wide adjustable straps will flatter & support your bust. Ruching will also show off your waist. Sirens lower leg line are also going to be perfect for maintaining the balance between your shoulders & hips. The only thing we recommend avaoid is anything that creates bulk around your middle or obscures your waistline.

Top Picks for Hourglasses:

Lizzie, Marilyn & Eloise


Famous Hourglasses:  Mae West, Christina Hendricks & Mariska Hargitay


aka Rectangle/Column

No Bananas don’t have a curve at each end…oddly enough it’s a straight up and down thing! Characterised by being evenly balance from the shoulders to the hips with little to know waist. Bananas also tend to have naturally flatter bellies, smaller busts & flat bottoms. Creating curves sis the key  to finding the perfect Sirens swimsuit for you! Go for.

Look for:

You can definitely have a lot of fun with bikinis & two pieces here! A ruched high waist is going to create curves on your lower half. Prints & patterns will be more flattering then block colours. Ruffles will also add a little more oomph to a straighter figure.

Top Picks for Bananas:

MonicaMelody & Eloise


Famous Bananas:

Lauren Bacall, Cameron Diaz & Nicole Kidman


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