The Body Shape Guide

Strawberries, Apples & Pears...Oh My!

If scrolling the swimwear pages has you a little overwhelmed and unsure where to start, then feel free to take a breath (pour yourself a wine!) and check out our Fruity Body Shape buying guide.

Everybody is different and there are certainly more than 5 body shapes! Remember Trinny & Susannah, those style mavens reported 12! But to keep it simple we’ve narrowed it down to the 5 most common!

At the end of the day this is just a guide. If you see something you love and you want to give it a try…go for it! The key is to know yourself – what do you love about your body? Now be kind! Do you love your legs? Do you go for clothing that shows off your waist? Well, it’s quite simple; what you love – you flaunt!

Which shape are you?


Famous Hourglass-shape
Christina Hendricks


aka Triangle
Famous Pear-shape


aka Inverted Triangle 
Famous Strawberry-shape
Gwendoline Christie


aka Rectangle/Column
Famous Banana-shape
Nicole Kidman


Famous Apple-shape