Swimsuit Care

How to care for your Swimsuit (and why you should!)

You’ve just found your ideal swimsuit! It fits perfectly, the colours divine and you feel like you could conquer the Miss World Swimsuit Category...you want to wear this beautiful swimsuit forever! Alas your swimsuit isn’t immortal, but with proper care & a lot of love, you can enjoy your favourite swimsuit for many seasons to come.

Here’s the deal. Chemicals like chlorine & bromine are put into pools to fight bacteria, pathogens and other little nasties. We need them to keep our pools clean but they can be pretty unkind to our swimsuits (as well as our hair, skin & eyes!) so proper swimsuit care is essential to extending the life of your swimsuit. Along with salt water, products like sunscreen, deodorants & lotions can also damage the colour & elasticity of your swimsuit. So you want to make sure you’re regularly and thoroughly cleaning any build up out of your swimsuit. Good swimsuit care isn’t just good for your swimsuit, it’s good for you too! Washing the pool and seawater out of your swimsuit not only removes the products that can degrade your swimsuit, but it also removes the bacteria & other little unpleasantries that you don’t want calling your bathers home.

Wash your swimsuit after each wear with more than just water.

Use clean cool water to hand wash with a specially formulated swimsuit cleaner or mild soap. Remember your sunscreen is waterproof, your deodorant sweat proof & chlorine is stubborn...it’ll take more than a quick slosh in water to get those out! Leaving these chemicals to build up in your swimsuit will eat away at the elastic and discolour the fabric.

Rinse, Rinse, Rinse!

Shower before you take a dip if you can, most public pools recommend or enforce this for hygiene reasons. For your swimsuit, it means it’s already filled with clean water and won’t absorb as much chlorinated water. Shower or rinse after use also - you really want to avoid letting pool water dry into your swimsuit. You can also use specialised products that neutralise chlorine.

Always dry your swimsuit in the shade.

Continued exposure to direct sunlight will deteriorate the fabric & shorten the life of your swimsuit.

Don’t wring out your swimsuit!

It’s ok if there’s a little excess clean water in it after washing -  it’s a swimsuit, it will dry.

Avoid over-chlorination.

Excessive or highly chlorinated pools, eg indoor heated pools, spas etc as this can result in discolouration and deterioration.

Take care when applying sunscreen & lotions.

Move your shoulder straps or ties out of the way when applying sunscreen. Continued sunscreen build-up will cause the elastic in the straps to deteriorate and harden. The oils in perfume, deodorant & tanning lotions can also damage elastic and stain the fabric so make sure you wash your swimsuit thoroughly after use.

Take care around rough surfaces!

Lying on cement & sliding off abrasive pool edges will cause pilling to the fabric. To protect your swimsuit between dips - we recommend sitting on a towel when you’re not in the water or wearing a soft sarong. You should also be wary of wearing more abrasive fabrics over your swimsuit or anything that might rub continually in one place.  Take care of things like denim & handbag straps.

Never. Ever. Ever put your swimsuit in the dryer or attempt to iron it. Never. Ever!

You can be positive that the heat will destroy the elastic fibres and you’ll be left with a damaged, unwearable swimsuit. Can I say never ever one more time?

Avoid putting your Swimsuit in the washing machine.

This is the equivalent to playing Russian Roulette with your swimsuit. Maybe it will be fine, maybe it won't be. Washing machine cycles can stretch and compromise the bust cups & lining as well as result in fading and discolouration.

Rotate your Swimsuits.

If you’re going on holiday or you’re going to be wearing swimsuits often, you’ll need to have more than one to swap between. Allowing each swimsuit 24 hours to recover (as well as be washed and dried) will extend the life of your swimsuit. Fabrics soften and stretch as you wear them, so giving your swimsuit some recovery time will allow them to bounce back.

Don’t get yourself into hot water!

Never wash your swimsuit in hot water and limit your dips in the hot tub. Heat is the enemy of elastane, so if you want to make a habit of hot-tubbing we recommend alternating your swimsuits regularly, or designating one swimsuit for the hot tub (and be prepared to replace it often).

Put it into hibernation.

When the season is over, give your swimsuit one last thorough wash, ensure all chemical residue, marks and stains have been washed out. Then store it in a cool safe place with your other summer favourites...it will be ready and waiting for you when the weather warms up once more!

At the end of the day, just how long you enjoy your swimsuit is up to you! A little love & care will go a very long way and we want you & your swimsuit to enjoy a long and happy life together!

Chlorine Build Up Sunscreen damaged Straps Machine Wash - Harsh Detergent Piling

Our Sirens Swimsuit Promise

We love and believe in our swimsuits and we want you to as well.

To show you the love, we're proud to offer you a 6-month product guarantee against all manufacturing faults and defects with normal use and correct swimsuit care. This means we will happily repair (or replace if necessary) any item that proves to be faulty or defective within this time frame!

However, we are unable to extend this promise to swimsuits that have been misused or cared for incorrectly.

Disclaimer: We at Sirens do our best to educate all our wonderful customers on how to care for their swimsuits. Care instructions are listed on the internal tag of each garment, a care card sent with every purchase and information is available here online. For this reason, we are unable to credit, replace or refund any item that has been damaged as a result of incorrect or negligent care.