So sad to seeyougo.Youare the only swimwear that I feel safe wearing in the water. It won't be the same withoutyou


Thankyouso much. So disappointedyouare going. Love all the cozzies I have bought. They are all size 16 but this one just a bit too tight. Size 18 would be too big. Just wondering if the Audrey with the softer tummy would be better? I will post it back on Monday.Thankyouand good luck.


So sorry to hearyouare finishing up. I really love your swimwear and the service of being able to try on at home. Your Lizzie Classic design so suited my body shape.I wondered whetheryouhave any contacts or recommendations in the industry moving forward? I find have found it really hard to find swimwear to suit my body shape prior to discoveringyou. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.Take care and I wishyouwell in your future adventures.


I am devastated that you are closing. As as real size woman your swimwear has made me feel great on the beach. I have bought the Eloise in check, stripe, leopard, black, pink spots.


On your Instagram page I posted 13/7/23 a sentimental msg toyougreat Sirens women, and a picture of me in one of my Siren cossies… I love them!!


I think I may have been one of your very early customers.  Such beautiful cozzies. When I e travelled I’ve had women from all over ask me where I got my beautiful swimmers and I would direct them to your website. Sadly the one email announcing f your closure went to my spam and I didn’t see it in time to get my annual one piece.  Not sure at 63 how I’ll a two piecebut I’ll give it go.


Thankyouall so much. I have 3 of your costumes and it is the first time in my life and I am now 70 that I have ever felt comfortable & confident in a swimsuit. My swimsuits will see me out but I am sorryyouwon’t be there for all those other ladies who need you


Oh no! Such sad news. Over time I have bought 8 swimmers for myself & my sister & we have loved them.I don’t know what I am going to do now for new swimmers.Thankyoufor the past & we will missyouin the future


Just want to say very sorry to seeyougo, your bathers are amazing
All the best with your future endeavours 


Sad to seeyougo. Have bought a few pair over the years and loved the quality.  All the best with whatever comes next. 


I can't believeyou're closing! Is there nothing that can be done? I don't know where I'll buy bathers without your gorgeous options :-(


So sad foryou. And for us!I can only imagine something traumatic has happened, for this sad finale to occur. We have loved wearing your costumes and wishyouall the best in the future.. Will try to find a decent pic to post. Take care and warmest best wishes


So sad to hear this! I am a big fan of your Ava halter suits!


So devastated. These were by far the best fitting, highest quality, most attractive swimsuits I have ever owned. NOTHING compares. I’ve probably had 10 pairs over the years. You made me feel attractive in a swimsuit and gave me confidence. I will miss you more than you can possibly know and I am very grateful.


I am devastated, your swimmers were such great quality and always flattering, You will be missed by me and all I let know about your fabulous swimmers


So sorry to hear about this.. your bathers gave me so much confidence! I’ve had four or five pairs!! All the best for the future.. thank you!! Xxx


The only swimsuits I’ve bought since I found you as they are amazing. Very sad to hear this news.


So sad as these have been my favourite brand for years and my friends all love them too. Thanks for allowing all body types to feel confident in your beautiful items.


Such a shame! I adore your swimsuits! Have had 3 pair. The cherry pattern was by far my fave!


Beautiful swimsuits that I was so excited to find. Thank you.


I've been wearing your swimsuits for at least 10 years! Loved them. Made me feel proud to wear swimmers in public for the first time. I will miss your brand and beautiful swimmers.


I had no idea you were closing. I’m devastated. I've been wearing them for 10 years and was always asked where I'd got them. You were the first to make beautiful flattering cossies for women of all shapes and will be greatly missed. I am so very sad I missed the chance to get one more in my size.


So saddened by this news but pleased I just managed to put in one last order - received a few days ago. They really are the most flattering, beautiful swimmers of exceptional quality that I have ever come across. Take care & farewell,


o sad. I’m glad I have 2 of your bikinis. Worth every cent and the customer service was excellent.Wishing you all the best for the future!