About Us

We're on a mission to raise the confidence of a million women and build a community of women that are; inspired, confident & connected. We want to make more women feel fabulous in the body they are in!

We believe every woman should feel amazing in a swimsuit! We know having a baby or hitting over 40 doesn’t mean you suddenly want a neck to knee one piece in a garish print, we know being young or petite doesn’t mean you want a bikini held together with dental floss, and that finding your perfect swimsuit match is a trial and error process.

That's why we deliver glamorous swimsuits direct to your home, to let you try before you buy. Thousands of women who are repeat customers have enjoyed Sirens quality & Try@Home Service. 

Each one of our different styles is designed to suit different body shapes and sizes. In fact, we created a complete body shape guide to hold your hand through the process of finding the right swimsuit to match your unique shape.

Each swimsuit is fully shapewear lined to tuck, lift and slim your body to give you the confidence to feel amazing in a swimsuit! Inspire women to love the body they have right now! Embrace being real, comfortable and confident and to pass the message onto the next generation.