October Shoot: Behind the Scenes

Author: Emma  Date Posted:19 October 2016 

The general concesus is that a Swimwear photoshoot sounds pretty glamourous. Well yes it does sound glamourous. It also involves a lot of less glamorous things like standing butt-deep in water holding an umbrella over a model (better you get sunburnt than her) and negotiating catering around dietary requirements. Seriously though it’s ridiculously fun! Now several seasons in we have a great little team of photoshoot regulars so as I rush to pick one model up from the bus the other calls to organise a desperately needed round of coffees.

We had a lot to get done this last shoot with a few swimsuits to be rephotographed, some exciting web videos to shoot, and of course a few sneaky High Summer surprises (but that’s just between you and me!)

A few special guests joined Phoebe & Didi this shoot. Little Baby Ted came in with his mum Laura to talk mum-bods & swimwear shopping after babies. Well Laura did the talking, Ted cooed, cuddled and stole everyone’s hearts. 

Of course we wrapped up with a well earned round of Lychee Martinis!

Keep your eyes peeled – we think you’ll love our new video series! And of course look out for High Summer suprises (but you didn’t hear it from me!)






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