Learn to Swan like it's 1959

Author: administrator  Date Posted:13 November 2013 

Oh the dying art of swanning, where have you gone? In today’s society of little Lady Gagas and Miley Cyruses, I wonder what the world is coming to? My answer to myself is, no idea, but I can be fairly certain that the art of swanning soon may only be viewed nostalgically through TV shows such as Mad Men. With this in mind I’m dedicating this week's post to imparting the knowledge of how to swan like its 1959!

(the floating swan hand Joan has down pat!)

Rule # 1: Ditch your flats. If you want to "swan" like Joan from Mad Men, take off your comfy thongs and slip on a pair of heels, your feet mightn't thank you but your legs will look amazing!

Rule # 2: Throw on your favourite floor length gown as gracefully as you can. This will assist by getting you into the swanning mood!

Rule #3: You must look AMAZING darling!  Big eyes, big eyelashes and ripe red lipstick will do this trick. Your hair will need to go up into a classic updo, lots of volume and pins!

Rule #4: Find yourself a floor length mirror and gaze deeply into your eyes; release your inner swan. Straighten your back, head up, book on your head, hands loosely by your side and practice walking to and from the mirror.

Rule # 5: Now you have mastered the basics, add in some side steps, turns, sitting down and standing up. With you arm and hands  practice moving then gracefully like they are floating and floating and floating.

Rule # 6:Practice everyday for 2-4 weeks, everyone is different. However, when you see the ugly duckling turn into a beautiful swan your goal is complete.

Rule #7: Hurrah! You’re a swan. Time to have a soiree at your home and invite all of your friends over to watch you swan. They will think you a natural swan and want to learn to swan too! 

Please note: the information provided in this post was correct at the time of printing. However, if swanning takes off, Sirens will take full responsibility of it becoming a world wide phenomenon. 



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