How to Hold a Party Like It's 1959!

Date Posted:10 April 2015 

How to Plan and Host a Fabulous Vintage Inspired Party

Planning a vintage inspired party can be an intimidating experience, but with a little creativity and the right planning, you can transport your guests to another era.  So get ready to channel your inner Martha Stewart with these fablous tips, tricks and ideas for planning and hosting a vintage-inspired party.

Your Theme Will Set the Scene

What is the first thing your guests see when they attend your party? It's the theme! From invites to table settings to dessert, in order to plan a memorable party your theme will need to carry through from start to finish.  

You already know that vintage inspired is the goal, what era are you wanting to channel? My recommendation, go online, google a decade and see what google images gives you. Create a Pinterest board and Pin those pics so you have a basis to start planning your party and a visual reminder you can continue to refer to. 

Weddings, baby showers and engagement parties are the most popular of vintage events.  Birthday parties and even a house warming party can be done with a vintage flair. Whatever occasion you choose, having a vintage-inspired party will create a lasting impression on your guests.

Tip: Do you have a piece or retro furniture or table settings? Use something you've got on hand to be a feature piece and continue to build your theme around it. 

Guest List and Invitations

If partying Saturday and Sunday makes you feel weakened, then it might be a good idea to plan a one-day event. 

Make a list of people you would like to invite and pick a day and time that works best for you and your guests.

Who are your guests? Are they firends from one group, multiple groups, work or family? It's always a good idea to consider the mix of people you are inviting, as the idea is to hold a party with people that get along.

Once you have picked a date, and who you will invite, you can start to create your own vintage inspired invitations. Make sure you keep within the theme of your party as your invite is going to be the first thing people see and will set the scene. Need some ideas for creating your own invites? Pinterest is the place to go! Martha Stewart also has some fabulous ideas! Not the crafty type? Etsy has some amazing designers! Whatever option you choose make sure you choose a design that is fabulous and works with your theme.

Location, Location, Location

The location or venue you choose must create the right atmosphere for your chosen theme.  Now is probably a good time to talk budget as hiring a venue can potentially be quite expensive. Sit down and work out how much you have to spend and then allocate that across all areas of your party from invites to clean up (if required). 

Some ideas of venues you could consider: a park, a beach, local RSL, museum, art gallery, aquarium, sailing boat, roof top or in your own home. Think about what are some of the fun and interesting places to visit in your area and then go online and check to see if those places have rooms or spaces for hire.



Decide on the type of entertainment you are going to have at your party.  A few vintage inspired ideas are:

  • Vintage photo booth - allow your guest to get dressed up and take funny photos which they can take home
  • Jive dancing lesson - a little unusual; but, if it works with your theme and the mix of guests, why not?
  • Board games - well, they are quite retro!
  • Fashion show - ask your guests to dress up and hold a fashion show to showcase various styles from your chosen era.

Adding small elements such as entertainment will add a bit of fun and flair to any party.


Make a couple of play lists of music from your chosen era or theme. If you're stuck for ideas, go to YouTube, search your era/theme and create a play list of commercials and music.

Food & Beverages

I really don't think I've given Pinterest a bit enough plug yet! If you're stuck on what people in your chosen era were eating, you cant go much further then Pinterest for ideas. Simply go to Pinterest and type in "Vintage Food" and see all the ideas pop up. Another great website for food ideas is Taste!

An example that comes to mind: for a Diner styled theme party decorate with colors like red and black, purchase sundae dishes and fill them with retro sweets.

Beverages, well darling, it must be cocktails for an evening Soiree. This doesn't have to be complicated, go to Pinterest and there is a plethora of ideas. Pick one that goes with your theme and Voila, your cocktail is ready. Other vintage inspired beverages could include punch, milkshakes, champagne in retro glasses and there are many more!

The Perfect Outfit

Finally, no party is complete without the perfect outfit and we have a stunning collection of vintage inspired dresses for the busy woman! You can view our Sirens Collective range here!

We hope this has given you a bit of an insight into how to plan a vintage inspired theme party.  We would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below or share your fabulous party pictures with us.

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