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Flattering Swimsuits

Looking for a way to look and feel great by the pool or at the beach this summer? Take a look at our stylish women's swimsuits that are designed to make all women, no matter their size or shape feel luxuriously confident.

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These finest pieces of swimwear offer more than just a smart and fashionable look. They offer comfort and support, both in and out of the water. They offer expert construction, which keeps on looking and feeling at its best for longer. And, of course, they offer a complement to the individual style, personality, and body type, of the wearer.

At Sirens Swimwear, we recognise this, and we make sure that all of our pieces are able to cover all of these bases with considerable aplomb. You will recognise this too, when you try one of our pieces for yourself. Whether you are enjoying an informal breakfast at a resort, having a great time splashing around with friends and family at the beach, or catching up with a great book on a poolside sun lounger, you are going to love the creations we provide.

Quality swimwear and best fabric

The first detail that goes into our swimwear is the shapewear lining that makes you feel as if you are supported from all sides. No lady alive likes the feeling of slipping on a swimsuit and having it sag around her or the reverse feeling of trying on something that is too tight to even wriggle into.

That’s why we take every effort possible in the build of our swimsuits to ensure you are matched with full figure swimsuit that fits your unique body shape. Say goodbye to that look of disappointment in the mirror when you try on one of our pieces. Our styles are made for everyone. They are designed and created for all women who prefer a classy, high-end swimsuit, who prefer a look of fun and elegance when stepping out in a swimsuit.

How to find the perfect swimwear fit?

Full figure swimwear can be especially hard to buy for, but we feel that it’s a woman’s right to love to wear the swim piece she chooses. Our collection is all about tucking in those spots you may not be so proud of so can feel confident. We can do this using the styles that best compliment, for example, high waisted bikini and swimwear bikini tops that ensure ladies are getting enough support to actually have an amazing time in the water!

An amazing feeling is coming out of the water knowing that your swimsuit is protected from anything that might harm your previous new buy. All our new swimsuits are made from specialized chlorine resistant material that prolongs the life of your swimsuit so you can wear it season after season no matter if you are enjoying the pool, lake, beach or are vacationing on some far remote island.

Apart from the tough construction, all our flattering swimsuits are given a gorgeous retro and vintage pattern that are designed by our very own designer Kellie. Whether you are looking for sky blue florals, polka dots or vintage swimsuits our range of plus size pieces have a style to suit the woman who loves the centre of attention to ladies who whose personality is more modest chic.

Flattering swimsuits are our middle name

Have you found a unique vintage look but wanted to mix and match it up more? We have just begun to sell our bikini tops and bikini bottoms separately. Choose from any style to create bikini bombshells that add volume to your summer wardrobe. All our retro swimwear and classic pieces are designed to be switched around any way you like so you always have a new fresh look to take outside.

Swimsuit shopping is now easy

Not sure what to go for? Shopping online for anything remotely flattering can be a daunting task for any woman. Most websites make to super hard to decipher measurements, not to mention how the shape will look on your unique body shape.

We saw this and made a vow to only create sizes that would fit real women of all delectable shapes and sizes. We make sure our swimsuits are always value for money and occasionally run swimwear sales - so check back on site and socials often.

The Body Shape Guide

Our range is all styles after one of the five most popular body types, Hourglass, Pear, Strawberry, Banana & apple all featured in our Body Shape Guide. Use this guide along with our easy to use measuring guide to find your ideal swimsuit size and selection.

So, when you are planning your next holiday to one of America's world-renowned beach resorts, or when you are stocking up apparel and accessories ahead of another glorious summer, the Sirens range has what you need.

Don't forget to get in touch with our team if you have any questions or queries about our range, or about our delivery and returns services.

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