Pear Figure Body Shape


Bottom heavy with fuller hips, bottom or thighs (or any combination thereof!) Join the club sister!...

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You’re in company, this is the most popular body shape with more than half of the female population boasting ‘pear’ status. Along with curvy lower halves, the ‘Sisterhood of the Pear’ generally sports slimmer upper torso, defined waists & smaller busts. The key to finding the ideal Sirens Swimsuit for a Pear isn’t to cover up your lower half, but to draw the attention up and balance out your bust and your hips.

Go for:
Halters style tops are perfect for pears! They give the bust a little extra oomph and broaden the shoulders. Prints, Frills and Ruffles up top are also incredibly flattering. Sweetheart necklines or pad cups wills also create more curves up top. A lower cut leg line will also keep your bottom tucked in and smooth the line from your hips to your thighs.

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