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Discover the Ultimate Swimwear Collection | Sirens swimwear - Sirensswimwear

Long-Sleeved swimsuits for the Australian summer and winter

There are a million and one reasons why one would opt for a long-sleeved swimsuit over a more traditional bikini or a one-piece. This athletic-inspired swimsuit style was once thought to be solely the domain for surfers and scuba divers have made a splash into the world of boutique swimwear fashion with hundreds of styles being released and becoming the norm amongst the world of fashionable boutique swimwear.


Even if your only aim at the beach is to float aimlessly in the waves you’ll feel like an athlete with the bonus of extra sun protection.

If you’re new to the rashie, here is some basic information. These wonder styles are lightweight and designed to fit snuggly around you. They almost act like a second skin which makes them far more comfortable in the water.

Tip: If you prefer a looser fit then buy a size up

Long-sleeved swimsuit styles are meant to be worn wet or dry so they are the ideal to wear into the surf and then along with all your other beach activities.

Rashie is quintessentially Australian, and right on trend this summer. It's all about surf, sun, sand and style.

The Australian Spirit

Strangely enough, we probably have our Aussie heritage to thank for the style - Australia slang dictates we shorten everything including the term ‘rashie’, which soon became the local name for the long-sleeved swim top.

Watersport proof

For any other ocean sport – stand up paddleboarding, snorkelling, kayaking or even aqua aerobics at an indoor pool rashies provide a layer of warmth, sun protection and a barrier to stingers or bluebottles.

During these kinds of activities, you spend long periods of time in direct sunlight surrounded by water that’s reflecting sunlight. If you’re not adequately covered you’ll burn very quickly. You can’t reapply sunscreen while snorkelling, so swimwear that keeps you covered is vital.

Very practical

Being practical is key with rashies. Fiddly straps or clasps at the back are no longer an issue, and neither is greasy skin from having to constantly reapply sunscreen.

Prone to nip slips? In a surf suit, it is pretty much impossible to have a nip-slip. Everything is nice and neatly contained.

Did we mention many long sleeve swimsuits have a front zip? The zip adds a stylish and practical element and means you don’t have to pull it over your head.

For summer and winter

If you’re going for a swim in colder waters or colder weather then the long sleeves are going to keep you a bit warmer than the average bikini would.

They can also add warmth as an insulating layer in cooler months. Rashies can be worn under wetsuits (wetties) when the ocean temperatures are low or as a stand-alone garment.

Rashies provide effective sun protection, up to UPV50+, which is why they've become a regular fixture on Australian beaches. New fashion styles and prints.

New innovation style is in fact the long sleeve instead of the neckline, or the rise or even straps. Surf inspired swimsuits are quickly becoming the norm amongst the world of fashionable boutique swimwear.

Whether you’re looking for an athletic look or want extra sun protection. Equal part elegant and practical – exactly what we want in a swimsuit, perhaps right after comfort.

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