Our mission is to get every woman in Australia wearing swimsuits that are both beautiful and comfortable. So we're excited to announce our new Large Bust range for bosomly blessed Sirens!

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Many swimwear stores in Australia only seemed to sell large bust swimsuits in big frumpy styles – if they had any at all. We made it our mission that no bustline should ever be bumpy, frumpy or pinching again! And to show you that gorgeous swimsuits do come in big sizes!

The new design came about after many of our customers sent feedback to us, telling us they loved our swimsuits, but the cup and bust size just wasn't right. We've taken that feedback to heart as our mission has always been to make every woman feel confident and inspired in the swimsuit they are in.

Finding a bikini suitable for big boobs can be a pain. You want to be on trend when you hit the beach or sunbathe poolside, but if every pair of bathers over a C cup look like something your great-granny would have have worn - this proves very difficult. It's not like you're not asking for much. Ladies with a bigger bust just need supportive straps and cups that can accomodate their breasts; it's not rocket science. Luckily, we've made sure that our swimsuits are stylish (because you deserve to look like you're heading to the beach, not like you're about to jump out of plane with a beige parachute strapped to your back)!

Our new large bust range features thicker, more supportive straps and enough fabric to keep you from spilling out the top or sides.

Understanding the importance of getting the fit and construction absolutely perfect we asked our pattern maker to re-make some of best designs to make them perfect for ladies with a larger bust.

"The design and construction considerations for a larger bust really depend on the body shape –  women with large busts who are firmer or have had implants are able to wear a lower neckline as the bust will stay in position.  Women who are not as firm will need to be supported especially around the side and under bust to create ‘lift’.  The design for larger busts is critical..." - Karine, (Experienced Patter Maker).

The trick to having great fitting swimsuits is knowing how your bra should fit you and knowing what styles suit you best. We already had huge experience matching ladies with their ideal swismuit using our body shape gudie. This guide works wonders by identifying the top 5 shapes of women and matching them with their ideal swismuit. But of course every woman is different - so it is only natural that we would expand to cater where there has been such a huge gap in the market.

But how do you choose your perfect size?

Just think about your most comfortable bras. Were the underwires low in the front? Did they show off your cleavage or hold you firmly in place? Did they have 2- or 3-hooks at the back? Everyone's breasts are different shapes and some styles will suit you more than others. Use that as a guide to decide whether our swimsuit will be the best fit or not, and now...let's get shopping!

If you aren't sure of your size, or you'd like to check, you can use our specially designed sizing chart to determine your best fit. Or read our blog here on the best way to dertermine the best size for yourself.

So, what are your waiting for? Give your vacay wardrobe the love it deserves with our range of swimwear for large busts. Our fuller bust swimwear ranges from DD bikini tops to H cup swimsuits. In a range of beach/sea or pool worthy hues, we’ve got you and your best assets covered. Keep your curves in check and perfect that pool party vibe with a fuller bust bikini or swimsuit.

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