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Discover the Ultimate Swimwear Collection | Sirens swimwear - Sirensswimwear

Full Figure Swimwear in Australia

Finding the ideal swimwear when you are blessed with a full-figured shape can be an overwhelming experience. With so many choices promising a great fit and backed by near-perfect looking models it can be easy to think that you will be left to a cruel guessing game alongside a lengthy trial and error process.


Thank god it's 2020 and there are several trends that have come into the swimwear industry that are now working to the favour of curvy women who are just asking for a fitting and supportive swimsuit.

One, the range of cute swimsuit styles has increased tenfold. And we're not just talking about new swimwear prints; even though we do like to brag about our own vintage/retro swimwear styles. New and ever-evolving cuts of swimsuits indicate that companies are progressively becoming more conscious of the range of body shapes, and creating shapes that flatter curvy women.

You can see this with the resurgence that high waisted bikini pants are making in the swimwear scene; taking over the bikini bottom category. High waisted vintage swimwear are particularly advantageous if you love to wear a two-piece but still want to feel comfortable with a little extra coverage.

Another great trend that is taking shape, literally, are new construction techniques that are utilizing shapewear and advanced boning into bikini tops. These construction styles are usually reserved for shapewear; however, have made their way into swimsuits in Australia. This makes a lot of sense, I mean where else do you need the best support and shape other than when you are enjoying the sun at the beach or poolside. Techniques traditionally applied to the compression to many areas of the body and create a slimmer appearance.

You might be pondering now, well this is all great, but how do I actually go about picking the right shape for me? You'd be right to question that if the choices in flattering swimwear have gone up doesn't that just make the chance of picking the wrong bathers even higher? The good fortune of women everywhere is there are proven ways of matching swimsuit styles to your personal shape.

Curvy Swimwear in Australia

The assured way to know if an Australian boutique swimwear brand is right for you (when purchasing your swimwear online) is to look at the models displayed on the webpage. A brand that is focused on everyday real bodies will use realistic models and even give information regarding what size apparel the model in featuring in the photograph.

Some sites may still use models that appear skinnier than their target market, however, will plainly link to their social channels. Companies that feature user content from real customers are confident that their two-piece or one-piece bathers look and real good. Unhappy customers are also less likely to submit any images back to an unprofessional supplier.

Another indicator is the style of prints. Vintage swimsuits are inspired from the time of Marilyn Monroe and the likes of Rita Hayworth, the mainstream of the time was boundless curves and the prints associated were just like the women; bold, confident and timeless. One-piece swimwear in Australia draws partially from rockabilly motifs and culture.

Sirens Swimwear Body Shape Guide

Is the one-stop quiz that determines a woman's unique body shape and is then able to match it up to a range of swimsuits suited for that style. Our number one goal is to raise the confidence of women so they feel confident and amazing whether they are wearing polka dots or something uniquely vintage.

A guide (no matter where you find it - I mean hey we recommend trying to find a couple of these) will really lead to the peace of mind you've been looking for, especially when you are purchasing swimwear online and don't have the ability to try it on before.

Swimwear try before you buy (try at home service)

Flattering swimsuits should not have to be a guessing game! But this is often the position women are thrown in when deciding on their bathing suits online (the only huge advantage that visiting a store in person in fact). Search out sites that offer either a clean and easily displayed free and easy returns policy or a try at home service.

We've found the trick is in choice. If you see multiple styles that you like to order them all at once from a store that offers easy returns. That way you will avoid lengthy shipping waits between finding the right size and style.

We personally use a mix and match service that allows you to try three swimsuits in the comfort of your own home. Our customers have always given us great feedback using our system to try on a range of plus size swimwear. For example, pick out a one-piece swimsuit, two bikini tops and two pairs of high waisted bikini Australia bottoms.

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