NEW Large Bust Range

Finding a bikini suitable for big boobs can be a pain. You want to be on-trend when you hit the beach or sunbathe poolside, but if every pair of bathers over a C cup look like something your great-granny would have worn - this proves very difficult.

It's not like you're not asking for much. Ladies with a bigger bust just need supportive straps and cups that can accommodate their breasts; it's not rocket science.

We've taken on feedback from all our Sirens customers and from that feedback, alongside a lot of planning, we were able to create a new range of Large Bust swimsuits, just for you!

Luckily, we've made sure that our swimsuits are stylish (because you deserve to look like you're heading to the beach, not like you're about to jump out of a plane with a beige parachute strapped to your back)!

Our new large bust range features thicker, more supportive straps and enough fabric to keep you from spilling out the top or sides.

Understanding the importance of getting the fit and construction absolutely perfect we asked our pattern maker to re-make some of our best designs to make them perfect for ladies with a larger bust.

Our pattern maker Karine has always been fascinated with making clothing, from little creations for her Barbies to beginning a career in fashion around the world.

Karine Pattern Maker

"Creating swimwear patterns for women requires knowledge of different body shapes and how different fabrics stretch and form around the body. With this knowledge, you can create designs that flatter the body and construct a garment to fit correctly making it comfortable and easy to wear..." -, Karine

"The design and construction considerations for a larger bust really depend on the body shape –  women with large busts who are firmer or have had implants are able to wear a lower neckline as the bust will stay in position.  Women who are not as firm will need to be supported especially around the side and under bust to create ‘lift’.  The design for larger busts is critical..." - Karine, 

Be quick! This range is expected to sell-out - and we have ordered very limited numbers in each size. Pre-order the range here.