How to take the best vacation photos

Swimwear photo season can be a daunting experience for women all over America; a shame considering America is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and backdrops in the world!

We understand why; while swimsuit season only lasts a couple of months, that photo of you awkwardly standing next to the cheese and wine platter at your friend's pool party lives forever.

So we've compiled the easiest professional TIPS for the best swimwear photos that anyone can do. If you love our Sirens Swimwear imagery, then this is for you!

Your Failsafe pose.

This one is for anyone caught off guard by a photo op and don't have time to prepare:

  • Stick out your buttocks (elongate the torso) We are all curvy Sirens after all.

How to take a vacation photo - stick out your buttocks

  • Keep your shoulders back (to accentuate the chest) No slouching!

How to take a vacation photo  stick out your chest no slouching

  • Suck in your belly (yes even after all those babies!).
  • Cross one leg in front to help make your legs appear longer. Imagine you're posing behind that Emmy backdrop

How to take a vacation photo  Cross Legged Foot

  • Hold your hands on your hips and have your body on a slight angle to the camera. Let your inner model shine through.

    Arm yourself!

Arms can fall naturally, or you can try one hand on your waist. Leaning forward a smidgen is a clever trick to angle the tummy away from the camera.

How to take a vacation photo hands on hips

Tummy troubles?

There are multiple tricks to hide a tummy during bathing suit season, and the most effective one is by engaging your stomach. You’ll look taller and leaner, and you'll even get a mini-workout while you’re at it!

Flaunt head to toe.

Standing on your toes (if it's a cropped photo) is an excellent way to make your legs look stronger, longer, and leaner. Your body will appear taller, which makes for a more flattering photo.

How to take a vacation photo standing on your toes

Play (All) the angles.

The best rule is to take photos from eye-Level. If you’re too low you can look bigger, but if you’re too high you can look shorter and wider.


Hey, if you're in Whitehaven beach or 5-star cruise, show it off! But if you're at your best friends stepmother's pool, try to stand in front of a solid colour. A blank canvas helps you stand out; the lighter the better. A light background will also make you appear tanner and slimmer.

Lights, camera, action!

Pale Sirens should avoid bright sunlight as it can wash you out and make you look flat. However darker skinned ladies will get quite a glamorous effect from this type of lighting. When you are unsure, shoot at sunrise and sunset!

Never shoot midday, you're going to have shadows under your eyes! Unless you're going to wear your most glam sunnies... no squinting, please!

Extra Tip: Don’t put all of your weight on the hip closest to the camera. You’ll appear way shorter than you actually are.

Sitting or standing?

Don't Sit. Even fitness models sitting down on a deck chair would still look like pancakes. Reclining back with some extension in the legs, on the other hand, is lovely, plus remembering to hold your core and spine tight.

How to take a vacation photo  elongate the body to full length

The perfect towel pose.

Sit on your knees, using your abs to hold your body up a bit. If you're lying on your back on the ground and someone else is taking your pic, it's best for them to shoot from behind your head and down the length of your body. One leg straight out and the other bent and up will give you inner thigh coverage if they're not your favourite body part.

How to take a vacation photo the perfect towel pose

Accessorise to the Max.

Still not comfortable in front of the camera? A statement necklace, a bold hat, or a pair of fabulous sunglasses will take the emphasis off your body.

How to take a vacation photo  use accessories to your advantage

Get Silly.

If you're thinking about what your body looks like in a photo, it's going to show in your face. Trust us; you don't want to look like you're being interrogated when you're having a good time. The photos we receive from Sirens that are off-guard and relaxed are some of our favourites.

How to take a vacation photo just get silly with the girls

Try an Action Shot.

Sometimes it can feel a little awkward to stand on the beach or pool deck and pose. So why not run around, play with your hair, jump, splash, and just be yourself! You’ll feel more comfortable, and you’ll draw way less attention to yourself.

How to take a vacation photo take an action photo running along the beach

Seriously, Though - have a Blast.

Enjoy wearing a swimsuit and being around your friends and having vanity moments. Every woman needs to have those moments of 'Oh, my God, I'm super sexy. Let's take pictures. Let's all get together. Let's have a good time.' Don't let anything hinder you from having a good time. Confidence is always the most attractive thing in a photograph. If you're feeling great, you'll photograph great too. Smile—it's summer!

Share your pics with us!

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