How to Fit The Perfect Swimsuit

How to Fit The Perfect Swimsuit

Well, you could go to the gym twice every day and drink fruit juice, soup, no carbs, some carbs, just Champagne and lettuce. But, let's be honest, it’s a lot easier just make sure that your swimsuit fits properly. So how can you tell if your swimsuit is really sitting right on you?

  1. It’s not missing in the Grand Canyon (never to be seen again). Unless you own a G-string Bikini (and if you can, good luck to you!) your swimming costume should fit nice and snug around your whole booty. Creeping and crawling towards the centre shouldn’t occur while you're swanning around.

  2. Lost circulation from your bikini line down? Not only do you need your legs to be able to get your next cocktail, but they do also come in handy for other things. So, if your swimwear is chaffing or cutting off circulation you may need to cut yourself out and go buy a swimming costume that sits properly.

  3. Here’s a tip, if your top half looks like you’ve been stuffed into a sausage skin and you have some serious armpit and back bit bulgy bits (technical term) your swimwear isn’t sitting right. A little bit that can be stuffed back in and no one is any wiser is borderline ok. However, if it can't be hidden, time for a new swimming costume.

  4. On the flip side, are your boobs hanging down to your knee, there could be two reasons.

    A) your swimming costume has had it.

    B) your bust is increasing substantially and your flimsy little bikini no longer supports you. There are a number of great costumes out there with will offer great support from A-DD cup.

  5. The muffin top. This one is a common problem. The best thing you can do here is throw away the floss you call a bikini and get yourself a decent swimming costume with excellent tummy control. Modest is sexy, muffin tops aren’t!

If you would like any more support (excuse the pun) or advise on fitting the right swimming costume this summer email us at and one of our friendly Service Sirens will be able to help you.

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