Guide To Winter Swimming

We are into the full swing of winter, the weather is getting cold ❄ and so is the water. If you are swimming in winter, what are some TIPS to get the most of out it and not freeze to death!

Swimming at Dawn

We have many Sirens who love to swim at dawn. Watching the sun rise 🌅 over the water is just beautiful and a swim is a great way to start the day.

Long sleeves are your new best friend

Long sleeve suits are great for the colder weather and can provide sun protection in the Summer for those Sirens with sensitive skin.

Our Kath Swim Shirts is perfect for protecting against the cold and sun.

Indoor Swimming

There is also the option of going to an indoor pool through winter, but watch out for that pesky Chlorine.

Even the best chlorine resistant swimsuits can still be affected by chlorine- use pH rinse and gentle wash or see our care instructions for more details.

Visualise Summer

Every summer do you find yourself thinking you should have done more swimming during the winter to keep fit, for better skin or acclimatise to the cold.

Well, winter is the best time to put in that extra effort which will pay off all during summer.

Treat yourself


There’s nothing better after a swim session than a nice warm drink. For coffee lovers, that extra kick off caffeine is just reward, but a hot chocolate will do the trick nicely.