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Try@Home FAQs:

What if the item I want to keep is more/less than my $199 deposit?

If your item is less than $199 we'll refund you the difference upon the parcels return. If it's more, all you need to do is complete the payment options section of your Returns Form and we’ll debit you the difference.

What if I decide I want to keep something that wasn't in my original Try@Home Order?

No Problem! Just complete your Returns Form and include the style you'd like in the Exchange section. Send all 5 Swimsuits back to us, and we'll swap them for your chosen style.

What if I don't want to keep any of the them?

Didn't find your perfect swimsuit? That's ok, you can either send them all back to us and exchange them for another 3 Swimsuits or you can choose to have your $199 deposit refunded. 

I want to Try@Home but my checkout total is more than the $199 deposit!

If your check out total is exceeding the $199 it’s likely that you’re missing the Try@Home item or that there is an item in your cart that isn’t available to try at home. At check-out, you should see 4 items in your cart, the “Try@Home” item for $199 & your 3 swimsuits. To add the Try@Home item, simply click any swimsuit item and when the product page loads, click the button “Try@Home”.

Can I use Afterpay for my Try@Home Deposit?

You can use Afterpay to cover your $199 deposit. However, if you keep an item less than $199 or don’t keep anything, your deposit (or difference) will be returned as a 12-month store credit. If the item you keep exceeds your Afterpay deposit, you’ll need to pay the difference via credit card or PayPal.

Why isn’t the Try@Home Available during the Sale?

Try@Home is often made unavailable during major sale periods. This is to keep it keep it fair and allow everyone equal opportunity to purchase over the Promotional Period.

I have a Try@Home Kit but an item I want is now on SALE, can I have the promotional price?

New sale & promotional prices are not applicable to existing Try@Home Orders. However, you can purchase the item online during the sale send your Try@Home Kit back. We’ll ship the sale item out to you separately and refund your $199 deposit upon the return of your kit.  

Is Try@Home Kit available internationally?

Yes! Check out our Delivery Policy Here. 

Terms & Conditions

By purchasing a Try@Home kit, you agree to the following conditions.

In the Event the Items are Unreturned/Unpaid for.


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