Try at Home

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Choose 5 outfits to try on at home. Have your favourites sent to you and only pay for the ones you keep!

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Change the way you shop online. Select your 5 favourite items (we recommend selecting a variety of sizes & styles) and pay a deposit + shipping and we'll ship the shop straight to you! From here you'll able to try your selections in the comfort of your own home, pick your favourite piece (or pieces!) and simply send us back what you didn't love. We'll refund or debit you the difference of what you've kept, and Viola! You've found your perfect swimsuit without even having to leave the house.  For further information including terms & conditions click here.

Ordering Instructions:

- Step 1: Click and add the Try at Home promotion to your cart.
- Step 2: Browse through our store and add 5 items to your cart
- Step 3: A Try at Home promotion code will automatically be applied to your cart and you will be charged only the cost of the Try at Home product + shipping.

* If the total is not correct, please check to ensure all the items in your cart are from the same category (Swimwear).

* If the If you purchase additional items from a different category than the Try at Home product, those will be charged at their regular price.

Once you receive your order:

Step 1: Try on your selection in the comfort of your own home and select your favourite pieces.
Step 2: Pack items you do not wish to keep into the Reply Paid satchel (included) along with your completed Returns form and drop it to your local post office (so it can be tracked)
Step 3: Refunds & exchanges will be processed within 7 days, then your credit card will be charged or refunded for the amount you have kept.

Try at Home Package Includes

-  5 products of Your Choice.

-  Reply Paid Satchel (for your returns)

-  Try at Home Returns Form

-  Try at Home Trying Guide


Try at Home program currently only available in Australia.